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Brett Larson

Brett Larson (born March 8, 1976,[1] Pleasanton, California).

Brett Larson is currently the morning anchor on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115. He also contributes technology stories to the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

Prior to joining Fox Radio, Larson worked for Howard Stern as a reporter for Howard 100 News and contributed technology stories to CNN.

Larson has an extensive background in media. His career in commercial broadcasting started in Reno Nevada where he was the overnight DJ on Magic 95.

In 1996, Larson went to work for 70's rock station KBIG 98.1 where he was the DJ for The Saturday Night Groove Thang with Brett Larson a popular disco request show that dominated the ratings for 2 years. When the station went off the air, Larson went to work for 94.5 KBAY as the afternoon DJ.

Larson left music radio in 2000 to work for Macworld Magazine where he contributed articles to the magazine and did a weekly web article about Mac OS X, then a new operating system from Apple. He stayed at Macworld until the summer of 2001 when he left to work for TechTV as one of the new cable networks lab analysts.

In 2014, upon the wrongful allegation that the website 4chan was a "system administrator" in a CNN news report, Brett Larson was highly ridiculed in the web, going as far as the interview itself becoming a meme. [2]


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