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Brett McBean
BornDecember 1978
Melbourne, Australia
GenreHorror fiction, thriller fiction, speculative fiction
Notable worksThe Mother, Wolf Creek: Desolation Game

Brett McBean is best known as an award-winning Australian horror, thriller and speculative fiction writer. He was born and raised in Melbourne. He is also a drummer and has an Advanced Diploma from Box Hill College of Music

McBean's novel The Mother was nominated as the "Best Novel" for the 2007 Ditmar Awards (where he was also nominated as "Best New Talent"), a Ned Kelly Award for "Best Novel" of 2007, a 2007 Aurealis Award for "Best Novel," and it received a 2006 honorable mention by the Australian Shadows Awards. His short story collection Tales of Sin and Madness won the 2011 Australian Shadows Award for "Best Collection".[1]

He also has a keen interest in true crime, in particular the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. He runs a Jack the Ripper website, Saucy Jacky,[2] in which he reviews Ripper movies and literature, and shares his thoughts about popular suspects and Ripper victims.

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