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A collage consisting of six beer labels, a typical breweriana item.

Breweriana commonly refers to any article containing a brewery name or brand name, usually in connection to collecting them as a hobby. Examples include beer cans, beer bottle, bottle opener, beer labels, tin signs, coasters, beer trays, beer tap, wooden cases and neon signs.


Breweriana first appeared in the National lexicon[citation needed] with the 1972 formulation of the National Association Breweriana Advertising, also known as NABA. According to 2006-2008 NABA President Lawrence R. "Larry" Moter Jr., Breweriana is defined as “collectible historical Brewery advertising”.[citation needed]

NABA is also the publisher of The Breweriana Collector, a quarterly publication said to be "America’s Oldest National Breweriana Journal”.[citation needed] The term Breweriana is also utilized by other collector Associations, including The East Coast Breweriana Association and the American Breweriana Association.

The ABA National Brewery Museum & Research Library preserves the rich history of America’s breweries with permanent and rotating displays showcasing a world class collection of Breweriana from beer bottles and cans, glasses, coasters, advertising materials and other breweriana collectibles. It is located in Potosi, Wisconsin on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Potosi Brewing Company.[1]

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