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Brian Ash (1936-2010[citation needed]) was a British writer, scientific journalist, and editor. Ash was best known for his bibliographies and reference books. In the 1970s he wrote several works on science fiction, including Faces of the Future, Who's Who in Science Fiction, and Who's Who in H.G Wells.[1] He also was the editor of The Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1977: UK, Pan Books; US, Harmony/Crown Books, ISBN 0-517-53175-5), which contained chapter introductions from science fiction authors. The latter title was, in 1978, listed as one of the ALA Best Books for Young Adults.[2] He was married once, and had two children.

In the field of advertising, Ash published Tiger in your Tank: the Anatomy of an Advertising Campaign, a light-hearted study of the worldwide ESSO "Tiger in your Tank" campaign.


  • Tiger in Your Tank: The Anatomy of an Advertising Campaign (1969)
  • Faces of the Future: The Lessons of Science Fiction (1975)
  • The Visual Enclyclopedia of Science Fiction (1977)
  • Who's Who in Science Fiction (1978)
  • Who's Who in H.G. Wells (1979)


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