Brian Chippendale

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Brian Chippendale
Birth name Brian Chippendale
Born (1973-07-22) July 22, 1973 (age 45)
Newburgh, New York
Origin Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Genres Experimental music,
noise rock
Occupation(s) Singer,
comic book artist,
poster art
Instruments Drums, vocals
Years active 1994–present
Labels Thrill Jockey, Load Records, Corleone, Bulb, Ooo Mau Mau
Associated acts Lightning Bolt, Mindflayer, Björk, Black Pus, Boredoms

Brian Chippendale (born 1973) is a musician and artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. He is known as the drummer and vocalist for the experimental noise rock band Lightning Bolt and for his graphic art. On March 31, 2016 RollingStone magazine ranked Brian Chippendale number 91 in an article entitled "100 greatest drummers of all time."


As a vocalist for Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer, Chippendale eschews the usual microphone stand and conventional microphone, instead using a contact microphone. This microphone is then run through an effects processor to alter the sound further. Chippendale often warbles or makes nonsensical sounds into the microphone, so the vocals typically come out extremely distorted and incomprehensible. More recently, Chippendale has used a Line 6 delay pedal to delay and repeat his vocals while drumming.[1]

Chippendale participated as drummer 77 in the Boredoms 77 Boadrum performance which occurred on July 7, 2007, at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn.

Chippendale performed drums on Björk's 2007 album Volta.[2] He also did a remix for Björk's single "Declare Independence" under the alias Black Pus.

Graphic art[edit]

Chippendale is also an artist and attended printmaking classes at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the late 1990s but did not graduate.[3] He created the album art for all Lightning Bolt releases.[4]

In October 2006, Chippendale released the comic book Ninja, an art book and comic that incorporates simple action comics he drew as a child with more surreal work drawn as an adult.[5] In 2007 he released Maggots, which was drawn ten years previously but had never been released. Maggots is drawn over a Japanese book catalog, so Japanese characters appear in all the spaces that are not inked in by his pen.[6] His latest graphic novel is called "If n' Oof".

In June 2010 an exhibit Fruiting Bodies of Chippendale's artwork opened at the Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn.[7] Since May 2011, Chippendale has published a monthly comic in Mothers News, a monthly newspaper published in Providence, Rhode Island.

In February 2016, Chippendale published another graphic novel with Drawn and Quarterly entitled Puke Force.

Chippendale currently shares a large industrial studio space in Providence with his wife, Jungil Hong they call the "Hilarious Attic".[8][9]

Selected Discography[edit]

Lightning Bolt[edit]

Black Pus[edit]

  • Black Pus 1 (2005)
  • Black Pus 2 (2006)
  • Black Pus 3: Metamorpus (2006)
  • Black Pus 4: All Aboard the Magic Pus (2008)
  • Black Pus Zero: Ultimate Beat Off (2009)
  • Primordial Pus (2011)
  • Pus Mortem (2012)
  • All My Relations (2013)
  • Black Pus split LP with Oozing Wound (2014)


  • 77Boadrum (2007)


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