Brian Coogan

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Brian Coogan
BornOctober 2, 1979
OriginNew Orleans, Baton Rouge
Instrumentsvoice, Hammond organ, piano, electric piano, synthesizer, electric bass

Brian Coogan is a keyboardist and vocalist from New Orleans, Louisiana.

A versatile musician, Coogan plays in many different contexts and projects, ranging from funk to jazz to rock, including many subgenres within.[1] He is often found as a sideman on gigs with other New Orleanians such as Johnny Vidacovich, Khris Royal, Mike Dillon, and Alex McMurray.[2] A long-time connection with drummer Simon Lott (both grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) has led to many projects that include both of them, notably the now-defunct Maelstrom Trio, with Skerik.[3]

In recent years he has toured nationally as a member of John Ellis & Double-Wide, Maelstrom Trio, Bonerama, Stanton Moore's Trio, and Bobby Previte's Coalition of the Willing. He is a former member of Big Sam's Funky Nation (appearing in the circa 2004 edition), and Galactic-spinoff Good Enough for Good Times.[2] As of August, Coogan has joined Pretty Lights to promote his new album, A Color Map of the Sun and plays keyboard for the new live band in the Analog Future Tour.


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