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Brian David-Marshall has worked in all areas of the American comic book medium for more than 20 years from retail, editorial, writing and creating a new title for Marvel Comics. Brian was a founding partner of Malibu Comics, a comic book publisher in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Numerous properties that passed through Malibu’s doors have made their way to the big screen, most notably the Men In Black franchise, featuring Will Smith.

An accomplished writer, Brian also has an animated feature screenplay currently in development.

Brian David-Marshall is currently involved in the collectible card game industry. Brian is one of the founders of Gray Matter Conventions, one of the first Magic: The Gathering tournament organizers, and Neutral Ground, formerly the largest gaming location in New York City. Brian is now one of the premiere commentators and consultants for Magic: The Gathering, the first collectible card game. He is a featured writer for with a weekly column, The Week That Was, a commentator on the Pro Tour circuit and the historian for Magic: The Gathering. He has previously played on the Pro Tour as a member of Team Monkey Dog.

He is a Tournament Organizer for the Upper Deck Entertainment collectible card games, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and VS System.

Brian has started a website,, that features podcasts and books on Magic: The Gathering. The first book, Michael J. Flores: Deckade, is a collection of 10 years of Magic: The Gathering articles from one of the most prolific writers on the game, Michael J. Flores.

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