Brian Does Hollywood

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"Brian Does Hollywood"
Family Guy episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 2
Directed by Gavin Dell
Written by Gary Janetti
Production code 2ACX20
Original air date July 19, 2001
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Thin White Line"
Next →
"Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington"
Family Guy (season 3)
List of Family Guy episodes

"Brian Does Hollywood" is the second episode of the third season of the animated comedy series Family Guy. This is the 2nd episode that was originally produced for season 2. It originally aired as a second part to an episode called The Thin White Line on Fox in the United States on July 18, 2001. The episode features Brian as he attempts to make it in show business as a screenwriter once he moves to Hollywood. Brian soon discovers, however, that it is much harder than he thinks, and ultimately settles on directing porn films.

The episode was written by Gary Janetti and directed by Gavin Dell. The episode featured guest performances by Gary Cole, Louise DuArt, Olivia Hack, Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy and Ray Liotta, along with several recurring guest voice actors for the series.

Plot summary[edit]

After completing drug rehab and leaving Quahog, a purpose-seeking Brian moves to Los Angeles, California to live with his cousin Jasper in hopes of fulfilling his ambition to become a screenwriter. However, he struggles to find a producer willing to purchase his scripts and to make ends meet he takes menial jobs including waiting on guests at elite Hollywood parties and washing cars. He initially lies about his success to his family. Brian gets a break when Jasper connects him with an independent film producer who offers a director role; however, Brian soon discovers that the offer more specifically is the directing of pornographic films. Although he is initially hesitant, Brian accepts the offer.

Meanwhile, the Griffins have Stewie audition for Kids Say the Darndest Things to gain a free trip to Los Angeles in order to see Brian (although Stewie has the motive of using this opportunity to unleash a mass hypnosis device on national television, a plot which inevitably fails). Stewie makes the audition and the family travels to Los Angeles where they meet Brian for lunch. Brian, who now has a job as a director, offers to invite them to watch him direct on the film set (though at the time he is unaware of adult genre involved).

Later, when the family tries to visit Brian's set, a shamed and startled Brian has security remove them from the set before they find out his secret. Shortly afterwards, he learns from his cousin Jasper that he has received a directing nomination at the Woody Awards (a fictional film awards ceremony for adult films). Brian goes to the ceremony and is met at the bar by Lois and Peter, who explain that Jasper had told them the truth about Brian's job and that they support him. Brian finally has an epiphany and sees that it was his family that fulfilled his life (just in time to win his nomination). At the end of the episode, Brian returns home with his family on a transcontinental flight back to Rhode Island.[1]


Kevin Michael Richardson guest starred as Bill Cosby in the episode.

The episode was written by series regular Gary Janetti, and directed by Gavin Dell.[2] Like Glen Hill, Dell left the series after completing this episode.

In addition to the regular cast, actor Gary Cole, comedian Louise DuArt, voice actress Olivia Hack, actress Jenna Jameson,[3] actor Ron Jeremy[4] and actor Ray Liotta[5] guest starred in the episode. Recurring guest voice actors Kevin Michael Richardson and writer Danny Smith also made minor appearances.


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