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Brian Douwes
Born (1987-11-21) November 21, 1987 (age 29)
Beverwijk, Netherlands
Other names The Hitman / Bad Ass[1]
Nationality Dutch
Height 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight 100 kg (220 lb; 16 st)
Division Heavyweight / Light heavyweight
Reach 73.0 in (185 cm)
Style Muay Thai
Team Mike's gym
Team Spirit Beverwijk
Trainer Mike Passenier
Years active 2004–present
Kickboxing record
Total 91
Wins 65
By knockout 19
Losses 25
By knockout 2
Draws 1
last updated on: April 24, 2017

Brian "Bad Ass" Douwes[1] (born November 21, 1987 in Beverwijk, North Holland) is a Dutch kickboxer fighting out of Team Spirit formerly known as Top Team Beverwijk in Beverwijk. He competed in K-1, Enfusion Live and SUPERKOMBAT.

As of 1 May 2017, he is ranked the #10 light-heavyweight in the world by Combat Press.[2]

Biography and career[edit]

Brian Douwes was born in Beverwijk, North Holland. He started training Muay Thai when he was 14 years old, under the guidance of former world champion Gilbert Ballantine, Hans Nijman, Dick Vrij. He made his K-1 debut on the undercard of K-1 World MAX 2006 Netherlands tournament against Sander Duyvis winning the fight by unanimous decision.[3]

Douwes made his breakthrough at the K-1 World GP 2008 in Amsterdam when he knocked out James McSweeney in the first round and entered the tournament as the reserve fighter after Freddy Kemayo had to pull out due to an injury. His opponent in the semi finals was Zabit Samedov, Douwes took the fight to the extra round but lost the evenly fought battle by unanimous decision.[4]

He returned to winning ways with a KO Win over Fikri Ameziane on January 25, 2014 at Enfusion Live 13 – Eindhoven, Netherlands. Both traded punches at the center of the ring early in the first round, making lots of damage each other. Trading continued in second when a short right to the jaw of Ameziane made judge to count, Douwes finished the fight in third round at 2:55 with a right hand that caught Ameziane as he came forward.[5]

He defeated Srdjan Seles via decision at GFC Series 1 in Dubai, UAE on May 29, 2014.[6][7]


On February 28, 2015 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan Douwes participated at the first hybrid MMA tournament called Ganryujima and broadcast on Fuji 1 Sports. The idea of tournament was basically exactly like the Kumite in Bloodsport. He represented kickboxing alongside 8 man from different fight styles, the other being Judo, Karate, Capoeira, Senegalese Wrestling, Sumo, MMA, Shuai Jiao, Combat Sambo, there was also American footballer. Douwes won tournament defeating Kamen Georgiev (Combat Sambo), Han Wula (MMA/Shuai Jiao) and Amaramend Boldo (MMA/Sumo) all by first round KO.[8][9]

Ganryujima record[edit]

4 wins (4(T)KO's), 0 Losses, 0 Draw
Date Result Opponent Event Method Round Time
2015-07-18 Win United States Mighty Mo Ganryujima 2 Tokio TKO 1
2015-02-28 Win Bulgaria Kamen Georgiev GANRYUJIMA 1 Tournament first Round Tokio KO 1
2015-02-28 Win China Han Wula GANRYUJIMA 1 Tournament semi final Tokio KO 1
2015-02-28 Win Mongolia Amaramend Boldo GANRYUJIMA 1 Tournament Final Tokio KO 1

Titles and achievements[edit]

  • 2017 A1 WCC Heawyweight Qualification Tournament Runner Up
  • 2017 WFL Light Heavyweight Tournament Champion[10]
  • 2014 W.F.C.A. European K1 Super Heavyweight Champion +95 kg[11][12][13]
  • 2009 The Challenger tournament champion
  • 2008 Planet Battle tournament finalist
  • 2008 K-1 World GP in Amsterdam semi finalist

Kickboxing record[edit]

65 wins (19(T)KO's), 25 Losses, 1 Draw
Date Result Opponent Event Method Round Time
2017-05-13 Loss Netherlands Donegi Abena A1 World Combat Cup, Final Eindhoven, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
For The A1 WCC Heawyweight Qualification Tournament Title.[14]
2017-05-13 Win Morocco Nouh Chahboune A1 World Combat Cup, Semi Finals Eindhoven, Netherlands TKO 1
2017-04-23 Win Suriname Redouan Cairo WFL - Champion vs. Champion, Semi finals, Almere, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
Wins WFL Light Heavyweight Tournament (-95kg). Ibrahim El Bouni could not fight in the final due to an injury.
2016-03-19 Win Morocco Nassim Balhor Fight Time Haarlem Kennemer Sporthal KO 3
2016-10-21 Loss Brazil Saulo Cavalari Glory 34: Denver, Broomfield, Colorado Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2016-05-13 Loss Brazil Guto Inocente Glory 30: Los Angeles, Ontario, California Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2016-04-03 Loss Suriname Fabio Kwasi WFL - Where Heroes Meet Legends, Semi Finals Hoofddorp, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
2016-02-19 Loss Ukraine Pavel Zhuravlev FFC22: Athens Athens, Greece, FFC Light Heavyweight Championship -95 kg. TKO 3
2015-11-28 Win Morocco Jamal Ben Saddik A1 World Combat Cup 20, Eindhoven, Netherlands[15] Decision 3 3:00
2015-06-13 Loss England Daniel Sam SUPERKOMBAT Special Edition,[16] Spreitenbach, Switzerland Decision (Split) 3 3:00
2015-04-12 Win Morocco Tarik Khbabez WFL, Hoofddorp, Netherlands[17] Decision 3 3:00
2014-11-28 Win Czech Republic Luboš Raušer Souboj Titanu, Pilsen, Czech Republic, W.F.C.A. European Title Decision 5 3:00
2014-09-27 Loss Romania Cătălin Moroșanu SUPERKOMBAT World Grand Prix IV 2014, Almere, Netherlands Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2014-09-13 Win Netherlands Kay Bult House of Pain, Alkmaar, Netherlands KO (left hook) 1
2014-06-22 Win Netherlands Martin Scholsberg Fight 4 Victory Part II,[18] Breda, Netherlands KO
2014-05-29 Win Serbia Srdjan Seles GFC Fight Series 1, Dubai, UAE Decision 3 3:00
2014-01-25 Win Morocco Fikri Ameziane Enfusion Live 13, Eindhoven, Netherlands TKO 3 2:55
2013-11-16 Loss Netherlands Patrick Veenstra Glorious Hero's IV: Enfusion Live 10, Groningen, Netherlands[19] Ext. r. Decision (split) 4 3:00
2013-09-12 Loss United States Warren Thompson Enfusion 4: Search for the SuperPro, 1st Round, Koh Samui, Thailand Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2012-05-12 Loss Romania Daniel Ghiţă Siam Gym Belgium presents It's Showtime 56, Kortrijk, Belgium KO (left hook) 2
2012-02-25 Win Bosnia and Herzegovina Dzevad Poturak SuperKombat World Grand Prix I 2012, Reserve Fight, Podgorica, Montenegro TKO (retirement) 3 2:15
2011-10-16 Win Netherlands Jahfarr Wilnis[20][21] Uitslagen - Top Team Gala, Beverwijk, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
2011-04-10 Loss Netherlands Rodney Faverus There’s Nothing Wrong By Being Strong, Aalsmeer, Netherlands TKO (low kicks) 1 3:00
2010-04-24 Loss Latvia Konstantin Gluhov K-1 World Grand Prix Selection 2010, Istanbul, Turkey Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2010-03-23 Win Netherlands Ricardo van den Bos K-1 World MAX 2010 West Europe Tournament, Utrecht, Netherlands Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2010-02-27 Loss Netherlands Lloyd van Dams Amsterdam Fightclub: Rotterdam vs Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2009-11-29 Loss Netherlands Ismael Londt SLAMM "Nederland vs Thailand VI", Almere, Netherlands Decision (unanimous) 5 3:00
2009-10-25 Draw Netherlands Raymond Welboren Top Team Beverwijk presents: Freefight & Kickbix Gala, Beverwijk, Netherlands Draw 5 3:00
2009-06-27 Win Morocco Aziz Jahjah Ring Sensation RS1 Tournament, Rozenburg, Netherlands Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2009-05-30 Win Turkey Mehmet Ozer The Challenger 2009, Macau Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2009-05-30 Win Iran Ali Karbasi The Challenger 2009, Macau Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2009-05-30 Win Australia Michael Siebert The Challenger 2009, Macau Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2009-05-10 Win Poland Łukasz Jarosz Angels of Fire V, Plock, Poland KO (punches) 3
2009-04-11 Loss Brazil Anderson Silva Amsterdam Fightclub, Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision 4 3:00
2009-03-08 Loss Egypt Hesdy Gerges Beatdown, Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2009-02-08 Loss Belgium Sebastien van Thielen Fights at the Border presents: It's Showtime 2009, Antwerp, Belgium Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2008-11-25 Loss Australia Thor Hoopman Planet Battle II, Hong kong Tournament Final Decision (unanimous) 3 3:00
2008-11-25 Win Bosnia and Herzegovina Dženan Poturak Planet Battle II, Hong kong Tournament Semi Final TKO (corner stoppage) 2 3:00
2008-11-25 Win Hong Kong Alain Ngalani Planet Battle II, Hong kong Tournament KO (flying knee) 3
2008-10-05 Win Croatia Stipan Radic Tough Is Not Enough, Rotterdam, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
2008-07-05 Loss Netherlands Bob van Boxmeer Amsterdam Fightclub presents, Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
2008-06-26 Win Japan Nobutaka Baba Planet Battle: Where Champions Collide, Hong Kong TKO (doctor stoppage) 2
2008-05-30 Win Netherlands Antilles Sharlimar Zimmerman Fight Gala in Curaçao TKO (retirement) 4
2008-04-26 Loss Azerbaijan Zabit Samedov K-1 World GP 2008 in Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision (Ext. R) 4 3:00
2008-04-26 Win United Kingdom James McSweeney K-1 World GP 2008 in Amsterdam, Netherlands KO (left hook) 1 1:10
2008-03-08 Win Poland Dawid Trolka Angels of Fire III, Warsaw, Poland KO (knees) 1 2:23
2008-03-02 Win Netherlands Rody Troost Slamm 4 "Nederland vs Thailand", Amsterdam, Netherlands TKO (low kicks) 1
2007-12-02 Loss Suriname Ginty Vrede Time for Action, Nijmegen, Netherlands TKO (injury) 2
2007-06-23 Win Netherlands Roy Dijkshoorn K-1 World GP 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands KO (head kick) 2 0:45
2007-05-13 Loss Russia Andrei Pozdnjakov Fight Night in Veghel, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
2007-03-24 Win Netherlands Dave Vader It's Showtime 75MAX Trophy Final 2006, Rotterdam, Netherlands Decision 3 2:00
2006-12-09 Loss Morocco Said el Jajaqui Muaythai Gala in Zonnehuis, Netherlands Decision 5 3:00
2006-10-15 Win Netherlands Rico Verhoeven Gala in Beverwijk, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
2006-04-16 Win Netherlands Frank Melk Diamonds of the Future, Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision 3 3:00
2006-03-26 Win Netherlands Sander Duyvis K-1 MAX Netherlands 2006, Utrecht, Netherlands Decision 3 2:00
2006-02-06 Win Netherlands Bart Steltenpool FF/Muay Thai Gala in Oostzaan, Netherlands TKO (kicks to the body) 2
2005-12-11 Loss State of Palestine Mo Boubkari Rings Fight Gala "Men of Honor", Utrecht, Netherlands[22] Decision 3 2:00
2005-11-20 Loss Netherlands Roy Dijkshoorn Rings Kickboxing Gala, Enschede, Netherlands Decision 3 2:00
2005-04-24 Loss Netherlands Bryan Berika Everybody Gym Gala "Next Generation", Naarden, Netherlands Decision 3 2:00
2004-10-24 Win Egypt Hesdy Gerges Fight Gala in Beverwijk, Netherlands KO 2

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