Brian Ellner

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Brian Ellner
Brian Ellner and NBA Commissioner David Stern.JPG
Brian Ellner and NBA Commissioner David Stern
Occupation LGBT activist and political strategist, Head of Global Public Affairs (Edelman)
Known for New Yorker Same-sex Marriage Campaign
Board member of Athlete Ally

Brian Ellner is an LGBT rights activist, media and political strategist, and the executive vice president for public affairs at Edelman in New York.[1][2][3] He was the architect of two successful pro-gay marriage campaigns, TheFour2012 [4][5][6] and New Yorkers for Marriage Equality.[7][8] His efforts were considered instrumental to the 2011 passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York.[9] He serves on the board of directors of Athlete Ally[10] and is widely referenced in the LGBT sports movement.[11][12][13]

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