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Brian Ferrara
Born Brian Alexander Ferrara
(1978-09-23) September 23, 1978 (age 38)
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Other names CH0JIN
Occupation Game designer

Brian Ferrara is a Creative Director and one of the founders of the game development company 21st Street Games in Manhattan, New York.[1] He founded comic publishing company Terminal Press in 2001[2] and served as Creative Director and partner for Multimedia Design company, Elite Gudz.[3]


Brian has written and published original comics such as Silent Assassin[4] and Crowpsey,[4] as well as comics based on Seen's Spraycan Monsters and Phony-Baloney, The SuperFun Company's Toxic Teddies, Arrow Productions Debbie Does Dallas and Nuclear Blast artists Dimmu Borgir. Brian wrote the premiere issue of Concrete Immortalz for Elite Gudz, which debuted at the Big Apple Comic Convention in October 2009.[5] The Comic featured classic graffiti artists such as Cope2, T-KID, SKUF, INDIE184, EWOK, BAN2, Phetus, KET and CAP ONE. Brian contributed soundtrack music to the Dreamcast games, Feet of Fury[6] and 3D Invaders under the alias CHOJIN in 2003.

Early reviews of Ferrara's first book, "Silent Assassin: Understanding Trauma" helped establish its cult status. Says Randy Lander of The 4th Rail, "Once everyone started talking... I saw that I had Silent Assassin all wrong. This is not a fun action comic, but a very dark exploration of human brutality wrapped in science-fiction trappings.".[7] Other critics were far more disturbed and angered by the book, actually producing more interest and a larger fan base for the underground title. J.M. Johnston of Comic World News stated, "I thought the assholes from Columbine were dead? They are apparently alive and well and putting out this miserable @#!$*&? rag... If you see it on someone's resume grab your pepper spray."[8] For the most part though, the controversial book was well received, producing other reviews stating "Silent Assassin left me wanting more... I have so many questions that need answering but I guess that will have to wait for the next edition. I await it with trepidation. Reading this comic is like driving past an accident, you know you shouldn’t look, you know that what you will see will not be nice but you somehow can’t help yourself, you need to look and so you do. In a Word: Chilling."[9]

In an interview[10] with comic book website Project Fanboy, Ferrara spoke of his artistic reinterpretation of the classic adult film Debbie Does Dallas, assuring readers that the title is not a comic book format of the adult movie, with the only real similarities between the two being that "Debbie is still a hot blond cheerleader".

In the same interview, Ferrara says he was inspired to get into the comic book industry by such titles as Heavy Metal, Mad, Wolverine and Punisher from Marvel, Lobo and Batman from DC, Evil Ernie, The Crow, The Tick, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Video games[edit]


Comic Books[edit]

  • Terminal Press Presents #0 (2003)
  • Silent Assassin: Understanding Trauma (2004)
  • Crowpsey / Rufus & Cleveland (2005)
  • Toxic Teddies (2005)
  • Phony-Baloney (2006)
  • Spraycan Monsters (2007)
  • Silent Assassin: 506 (2007)
  • Debbie Does Dallas (2008)
  • Candy Stripers (2008)
  • Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress (2009)


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