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Brian Jhan Fox
Brian J. Fox, Santa Barbara, CA 2008
Born (1959-12-11) December 11, 1959 (age 60)
Other namesbfox
OccupationComputer programmer, Technologist, author
EmployerOpus Logica, Inc.
Known forGNU Bash
  • Herbert Fox, Ph.D.
  • brother: Donal Fox
  • brother: Thaddeus Fox
  • sister: Ena Fox
  • brother: Daniel Fox
  • sister: Sara Fox-Ray
  • grand-father: Daniel Fox

Brian Jhan Fox (born 1959) is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur,[1] consultant, author, and free software advocate. He is the original author of the GNU Bash shell, which he announced as a beta in June 1989.[2] He continued as the primary maintainer of bash until at least early 1993.[3][4] Fox also built the first interactive online banking software in the U.S. for Wells Fargo in 1995,[5] and he created an open source election system in 2008.

Free Software Foundation[edit]

In 1985 Fox worked with Richard Stallman at Stallman's newly created Free Software Foundation.[6] At the FSF, Fox authored GNU Bash,[7] GNU Makeinfo, GNU Info, GNU Finger, GNU Echo[8] and the readline[9] and history libraries.

He was also the maintainer of GNU Emacs for a time, and made many contributions to the software that was created for the GNU Project between 1986 and 1994.[citation needed][10]

Open source election systems[edit]

In 2008, Fox collaborated with Alan Dechert and Brent Turner to create a completely open source election system. The system was coded together with Parker Abercrombie, and demonstrated at the LinuxWorld conference in Moscone Center in San Francisco, August 5–7, 2008.[11]

Fox also is a founding member of both the California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO)[12] and the National Association of Voting Officials (NAVO).[13] These not-for-profit organizations promote open source voting systems for use in public elections. Fox co-wrote a New York Times piece in 2017 with former CIA head R. James Woolsey advocating open source election systems as a means of securing US elections against Russian interference.[14]

Other software[edit]

Fox also wrote AMACS, a cut-down implementation of Emacs for the Apple II series.[15]


He is the fourth born in a family of 6 siblings, composer and musician Donal Fox, Thaddeus Fox, sister Ena Fox, Daniel Fox and sister Sara Fox-Ray. He lives in Santa Barbara with longtime partner Lissa Liggett and their three children.

He is the son of physicist and educator Herbert Fox[16] and grandson of artist Daniel Fox, creator of the Monopoly Man.[17]


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