Brian Freemantle

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Brian Freemantle
Born Brian Harry Freemantle
(1936-06-10) 10 June 1936 (age 79)
Southampton, England, United Kingdom
Pen name John Maxwell
Jonathan Evans
Jack Winchester
Richard Gant
Occupation Writer
Former journalist
Language English
Period 1973–present
Genre Thriller
Subject Biography
True crime
Notable works Charlie M novels
Spouse Maureen[1]
Children 3 daughters[1]

Brian Harry Freemantle (born 10 June 1936) is an English thriller and non-fiction writer, known for his 1977 spy novel Charlie M.

Freemantle was born in Southampton, and has written under the pseudonyms John Maxwell, Jonathan Evans, Jack Winchester and Richard Gant. He is a Freeman of the City of London.[1]

Until 1975, when he became a full-time writer, he was a foreign correspondent and editor for various newspapers, including the Daily Mail and the Daily Sketch.[2] In April that year, he organised the sole British-led airlift rescue of South Vietnamese civilians during the Fall of Saigon, assisting in the evacuation of 100 orphans.[1]


Standalone novels[edit]

  • Goodbye to an Old Friend (1973)
  • Face Me When You Walk Away (1974)
  • The Button Man (1992)
  • Betrayals (1996)

Charlie M/Muffin novels[edit]

  • Charlie M (1977) a.k.a. Charlie Muffin
  • Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie (1978) a.k.a. Here Comes Charlie M
  • The Inscrutable Charlie Muffin (1979)
  • Charlie Muffin's Uncle Sam (1980) a.k.a. Charlie Muffin U.S.A.
  • Madrigal for Charlie Muffin (1981)
  • Charlie Muffin and Russian Rose (1985) a.k.a. The Blind Run
  • Charlie Muffin San (1987) a.k.a. See Charlie Run
  • The Run Around (1988)
  • Comrade Charlie (1989)
  • Charlie's Apprentice (1993)
  • Charlie's Chance (1996) a.k.a. Bomb Grade
  • Charlie's Choice: The First Charlie Muffin Omnibus (1997)
  • Dead Men Living (2000)
  • Kings of Many Castles (2001)
  • Red Star Rising (2010)
  • Red Star Burning (2012)
  • Red Star Falling (2013)


  • KGB: Inside the World's Largest Intelligence Network (1982)
  • CIA: The 'Honourable' Company (1983)
  • The Fix: Inside the World Drug Trade (1986)
  • The Steal: Counterfeiting and Industrial Espionage (1987)

As Harry Asher[edit]

  • The Predators (1988)

As Richard Gant[edit]

  • Ian Fleming: Man With The Golden Pen (1966) a.k.a. Ian Fleming: The Fantastic 007 Man
  • Sean Connery, Gilt-Edged Bond (1967)
  • The Touchables (1968)

As Andrea Hart[edit]

  • A Mind to Kill (1998)

As John Maxwell[edit]

  • H.M.S. Bounty (1977) a.k.a. Hell's Fire (2011)
  • The Mary Celeste (1979)

As Jack Winchester[edit]

  • Deaken's War (1982)


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