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Brian Hanlon is a classically-trained master sculptor and founder of Hanlon Sculpture Studio.[1] He has created over 300 public and private art pieces since 1987. Hanlon is a nationally-acclaimed artist from Toms River, New Jersey, specializing in commissioned bronze sculptures, trophies and awards. He is the Official Sculptor for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.[2] He has received national and local awards and commendations for his work which covers liturgical, civic, and athletic sculptures. He has been the subject of several news features, as well as a short documentary about his work that was created by Brad Nau and shown on Comcast SportsNet.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

On January 16, 2018, Hanlon was called the "Sports Rodin," a reference to French sculptor Auguste Rodin, in the feature story "Sports Rodin Works in Bronze" by The New York Times [9].

2017 was the "busiest year"[10] in Hanlon's three-decade professional career[10]. Hanlon oversaw the unveiling of 30 new monuments, including Charles Barkley at Auburn, Evander Holyfield[11] in Atlanta, Jackie Robinson as a football player at the Rose Bowl[12], and 12 Hoosier Icons in the lobby of Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall[13].

Hanlon uses water-based clay rather than oil-based clay because he finds it to be "firmer and less pliable,[14]" which enables him to convey movement or action in his sculptures.

Notable sculpture projects[edit]


Hanlon took graduate level courses towards a Master of Sculpture degree at Boston University from 1988 to 1990 and left school early to work as a sculptor full-time. Prior to attending Boston University, Hanlon completed a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education at Monmouth University in 1988. While at Monmouth, he was a student-athlete and captain of the men's cross country team. Before enrolling at Monmouth, he attended Brookdale Community College and Kean University and then worked in New York City as an ironworker and teamster before re-enrolling in Brookdale.

Personal life[edit]

Hanlon is married to the former Michele Adamkowski, a soccer stand-out at Monmouth University, and together the couple has five children. Michele was the model and subject of one of Hanlon's first sculptures when he created his "Involved Student" for Monmouth's campus in 1988 that featured her lying on the ground with a soccer ball and gym bag while reading a text book.


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