Brian Hodge

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Brian Hodge
Occupation Novelist, Essayist, Music Journalist, Musician
Nationality American
Genre horror, crime

Brian Hodge is a prolific writer in a number of genres and subgenres, as well as an avid connoisseur of music. He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he is working on his latest novel.

Brian Hodge's novels are often dark in nature, containing themes such as self-sacrifice. He often explores unique belief systems in his stories.[1]

He has been nominated for numerous awards, and won the International Horror Guild Award for best short fiction.[2]



Short fiction collections[edit]

Known convention appearances[edit]

World Horror Convention '93, '96, '99, and '00. Death Equinox '97, '98, '99, and '01. Brian was the Horrific Literatist GoH at Death Equinox '97, and a Veteran GoH for each following year.


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