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Brian Hutchison
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Brian Hutchison is an American actor based in New York City. Most of his professional career has been spent in the theater, but he has appeared in several major movies and US television series. He is also the voice of a growing number of Audio Books, interpreting the works of authors as diverse as Mickey Spillane, Jodi Picoult and Thomas Koloniar.

Hutchison most recently appeared Off Broadway with Zachary Quinto, Robin Tunney, Tom Bloom and Taylor Richardson in the MCC Theater, production of, Noah Haidle's, Smokefall.[1]


He received a BA in English from Lafayette College and earned his Master of Fine Arts at the University of San Diego. While in graduate school he met director Jack O'Brien, who cast him in the title role of Brendan Behan's The Hostage at San Diego's Old Globe Theater. After graduating, he returned to the Old Globe and appeared in All My Sons[2] and Blue/Orange.

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Voice work[edit]

Hutchison has provided the voice for many audio books, for both Audible and Simon & Schuster.[21]


Hutchison is a photographer specializing in portraits and outdoor scenery and has taken many publicity head shots of other actors.[22] His brother, Chris Hutchison, is also an actor and a company member with Houston's Alley Theatre in Texas.[23]


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