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Dr. Brian Klug

Brian Klug (* born in London) is British senior research fellow and tutor in philosophy at St. Benet's Hall, Oxford and a member of the philosophy faculty at Oxford University. He is also an honorary fellow of the Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations, University of Southampton and fellow of the College, Saint Xavier University, Chicago.

He is associate editor of Patterns of Prejudice, a peer-reviewed journal examining social exclusion and stigmatization,[1] and a founder member of the Jewish Forum for Justice and Human Rights, a UK-based group that addresses racism and anti-Semitism, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, immigration, and the treatment of asylum seekers.

Klug was one of a number of academics who submitted evidence to the British All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism, which published its report in September 2006.[2] He has criticized the concept of new antisemitism as being "confused" in his 2004 essay "The Myth of the New Anti-Semitism" published in The Nation,[3] and in several other writings.

In February 2007, he was a signatory to the declaration of Independent Jewish Voices, a new Jewish group in the UK, which criticized the Board of Deputies of British Jews for its allegedly unconditional support of Israel.

He is a member of the scientific advisory council of the Islamophobia Studies Yearbook.


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