Brian Leung (author)

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Brian Leung
Born San Diego County, California
Language English
Education BA, MA, MFA
Alma mater California State University (BA, MA), Indiana University (MFA)
Genre fiction
Notable awards Asian American Literary Award (2005)Mary McArthy Award for ShortFiction (2004)Willa Award for Historical Fiction (2011)

Brian Leung is an American fiction writer, whose short story collection World Famous Love Acts won the 2005 Asian American Literary Award for fiction and the Mary McCarthy Award in Short Fiction.[1] He has also written two novels.

Personal background[edit]

Leung was born and grew up in San Diego County, California, to a Chinese father who had immigrated to the US and a mother from Battleground, Washington.[1]

He won the Jim Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelists' Prize, presented by the Lambda Literary Awards, in 2012.[2]

Published works[edit]

Leung has written the following books:[3]


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