Brian Lilley

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Brian Lilley
Alma mater Mohawk College
Occupation Broadcaster, columnist, commentator, journalist, reporter
Movement Conservatism, libertarianism

Brian Lilley is a conservative journalist, columnist, author, television show host, and was the senior correspondent for the defunct Sun News Network in Ottawa, covering Parliament Hill. He was a co-founder of the online news and opinion platform The Rebel Media with Ezra Levant following the demise of Sun News Network. Lilley resigned from the Rebel on August 12, 2017, accusing it of poor editorial judgement due to its attitude towards the alt-right.[1]

Journalism career[edit]

Lilley publishes a weekly column that appears in over 30 newspapers, including The Toronto Sun, London Free Press, Calgary Sun, and Fort McMurray Today.[2] He also regularly appears on radio talk shows on CFRA, CKFR, CFRB and CJBK. Lilley's writings are also published on his personal blog, Lilley's Pad.[3]

Lilley hosted the Sun News Network television program Byline with Brian Lilley, which aired Monday to Friday evenings from 2011 until 2015. His notable guests include Ann Coulter. The show was taped in Ottawa, Ontario. Byline usually included a 10-minute introduction followed by two or three 10–15 minute interviews, then a final 10-minute conclusion where Lilley reads emails from viewers, shows a funny or interesting video, or speaks about an upcoming event. On February 13, 2015, Sun News Network was shut down,[4] hence terminating Byline with Brian Lilley, whose repeat of an earlier broadcast was the last program to air before ceasing operations at 5 a.m. ET.[5]


Lilley is a conservative commentator through his writings and television appearances. He regularly discusses controversial topics such as gay marriage, abortion, what he sees as the waste of taxpayers' money, and the "political correctness" of governments when they do things such as stop saying "Merry Christmas" in favour of "Happy Holidays." Lilley is a regular critic of the CBC, and has published a book criticizing that organization's mandate and activities.[2]


Lilley has published one book as of early 2014, CBC Exposed.[6] In it, Lilley exposes what he sees as the rampant abuses of taxpayers' money by CBC executives and officials. Lilley also comments on the CBC's lack of transparency, for example, in refusing to reveal their staff salaries or refusing to detail how many cars the corporation owned.


Lilley holds a 2-year diploma (1991–1993) in Broadcast Journalism from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.[7] Lilley lives in Ottawa with his wife and four children.