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The Brian MacKenzie Infoshop, named for an American University student active in the radical community who died of a heart condition in 1999, was a radical book and record shop located in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C..[1] The lease was co-sgned by Ian MacKaye of Fugazi.[1] The infoshop served as a bookstore, as well as a community center, hangout, and meeting place for area radicals.[2]

The infoshop was entirely volunteer run and brought together works from various anarchist collectives such as AK Press, Beehive Design Collective and CrimethInc. Events such as vegan barbecues and book swaps were also hosted frequently. Co-ordinators were Ryan and Wade Fletcher.[3]

The Brian MacKenzie Infoshop collective was first established in 1999. The Infoshop opened its doors in May 2003, and closed at the end of December 2008.[1]

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