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Brian Ellis Movalson
Born (1968-03-27) March 27, 1968 (age 49)
Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA
Nationality  United States
Alma mater University of Michigan
Occupation Director of Sports Marketing at
Spouse(s) Katherine Hambleton Movalson
Children Meredith, William (Hobs) & Olin

Brian Movalson (born March 27, 1968 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) is the Vice President and General Manager with IMG College, responsible for the University of Oregon’s complete business, including the Oregon Sports Broadcast Network. Previously he was a Director of Sports Marketing at EA SPORTS, a label within the world’s largest video game publisher, Electronic Arts where his main responsibilities included managing EA’s 15-year relationship with ESPN, overseeing the EA SPORTS Challenge Series (including the famed Madden Challenge), as well as producing many of EA SPORTS’ television programs.

Movalson has also achieved fame as Brent Musburger’s spotter on ESPN and on ABC’s Saturday Night College Football Game of the Week. Movalson has worked with Brent for 15 years on College Football but has also worked College Basketball for CBS, the Olympics for TNT, and Monday Night Football for ABC. During his broadcast career Movalson has had the distinction of cueing the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500 in the same year.

Movalson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management and Communications from the University of Michigan , where he currently serves as a Charter Member of the Sport Management Advisory Board, which focuses on curriculum and educational opportunities for UM faculty, students, and staff.


Movalson was born March 27, 1968 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as the youngest child of Sharkey and Annie Movalson. Movalson went on to graduate from Gladstone High ( Gladstone, MI ) in 1986, then the University of Michigan in 1990 before starting his career in sports and sports broadcasting.

Movalson has 2 brothers – Bruce and William (Bill) Movalson.

Movalson is married to Katherine Hambleton Movalson and is the father of three children – Meredith Kate, William Hobson and Olin Ellis Movalson.

Movalson was in a huge ski accident in 1996, leaving him with a 21-inch titanium rod in his left leg. However Movalson still participates in many sporting activities such as basketball, where he’s widely known for running ‘ Cleveland ’ in tight game situations.

He is also well-known for numerous relationships in the world of sports, all gained through his unrivaled networking skills.

His travels in the world of sports broadcasting have brought him to many big cities and college towns. His knowledge of famous local bars and restaurants around the country is unparalleled.


  • “Just as the NFL kicks off the first games of its season this fall, the EA SPORTS Madden Challenge presented by Best Buy will give gamers around the world a chance to feel the intensity and spirit of competition themselves,” said Brian Movalson, EA SPORTS Marketing Director. “Madden NFL 09 brings the most realistic graphics in the 20-year history of the game, so players in this year’s Madden Challenge will feel the every tackle and the rush of the crowd as they put their skills and pride on the line.”
  • "These young men are tastemakers in their communities. Quarterback is the premier position in all of sports. Quarterbacks are looked up to and admired. If they interact with our products, that spreads the word in their communities, which creates buzz, which we like."
  • “I recommend having a personal board of directors. People whose wisdom you can seek out, whether it’s family members, friends, those whose business sense or common sense you admire. Keep them around you. They can be there to call on when tough decisions need to be made.”
  • “Reach out. It’s a lot easier to ask people for something if you need it, if you keep in touch with them.”
  • “I’m a salesman. My brothers are salesmen, my dad’s a salesman. It’s in my blood.”


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