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Brian Muir (sculptor)

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Brian Muir
Brian Muir attending a convention.
Born (1952-04-15) 15 April 1952 (age 72)
EducationFine art, sculpting
Occupation(s)Sculptor, film
Years active1967–present
Employer(s)Bradfords, Lucasfilm
Known forStar Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Krull, James Bond, In The Shadow Of Vader, Darth Vader, ’Beyond the Shadow’ Darth Vader creator , Darth Vader sculptor , Stormtrooper creator , Stormtrooper sculptor
SpouseLindsay Muir
BrianMuir at the Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart 2017

Brian Muir (born 15 April 1952) is a British sculptor who most famously created Darth Vader's helmet and armour using Ralph McQuarrie's design.[1][2]

He was also responsible for sculpting the stormtrooper armour in Star Wars (the helmet was sculpted by Liz Moore) and the heads for the Death Star Droid, CZ3, and some finishing work on the C-3PO full suit.[2]

Apart from Star Wars, he worked on over 70 other movies, including Alien (for which he co-created the Space Jockey)[3] and Raiders of the Lost Ark (for which he worked on the Ark of the Covenant prop).[4]


Brian Muir wrote an autobiography, In the Shadow of Vader, which was released on 19 December 2009 (ISBN 1907188193). The book covers experiences encountered whilst working within the Film Industry. It is currently available through his eshop on brianmuirvadersculptor.com. Following the success of his first book, In the Shadow of Vader, Brian decided to bring his incredible life story up to date by publishing his second book Beyond the Shadow. It chronicles the latter years of his impressive 48 year career as a film sculptor.

In July 2020 Brian, along with his wife Lindsay, has written and published their third and final book, Stormtroopers, The true story. A factual account of how the iconic Stormtroopers were created, which subsequently led to a high profile multimillion pound court case. With the endless controversy and conflicting stories reported in the media and on the internet, this book reveals the facts from the crew on the production in 1976.



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