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Brian Charles Nixon (born 13 July 1969) is a television and radio host, author, minister, journalist, and former rock musician of the rock band, The Electra. He is married to his wife Melanie Nixon and has two sons, Cailan Nixon and Isaiah Nixon and one daughter, Sutherland Jaramillo. They live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[1]

Musical work[edit]

During his high school years in San Jose, California, Brian met Jeff Carlson and Chris Manak (aka, Peanut Butter Wolf) and formed the underground rock group, The Electra. Signed to Epithet/Americanon Records,[2] The Electra recorded only one album, USAmerica, but went on to influence other musicians through the continued musical work of Chris Manak and Jeff Carlson’s Stones Throw Records.[3]

After leaving The Electra, Brian attended college and formed two other local bands, Canterbury (1992–1995)[4][5][6][7][8] and Widow’s Mite (1995–2000).[1] Widow’s Mite was signed to the music label Hope Records, owned and operated by Rick Wakeman of the influential rock group, Yes.[1]


Brian Nixon graduated from California State University, Stanislaus, with a B.A in Liberal Studies, Trinity Seminary with an M.A in Religious Education, St. Alcuin House with a D. Phil. in Christian Education,[9] and is a Fellow at Oxford Graduate School.[10]

Christian ministry[edit]

Prior to Brian's involvement with Calvary Chapel, Nixon was a licensed minister within the Church of the Brethren,[11] active in Christian peacemaking.[4]

Brian is the founder of Calvary Chapel Education Association (CCEA), established in 2004.[12]

Brian directed and produced a ten-part documentary interview with famed guitar makers, Pimentel and Sons, before the death of the founder, Lorenzo Pimentel.[13]

He is currently a teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US, at Calvary of Albuquerque, where he lectures on church history.


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  • The Master Teacher (Calvary Chapel Publishing, 2004; ISBN 1-931667-93-4)
  • Choosing the Right Bible for You, with Dave Rolph (Calvary Chapel Publishing, 2006; ISBN 1-59751-010-6)
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  • Annual Poetry Anthology, The Bookstore, Ltd.[14]
  • The Presence of Intent: Poetry and Paintings.[15]
  • The Penwood Review, Cameron, L.M, Editor. Spring 1999, Volume 3, Number 1. .[16]


  • The Electra, USAmerica, Americanon, 1989
  • Canterbury, Flowers and Leaves, 1991; A Modest Ascent of Berjm M. Babb (1993)
  • Widow’s Mite, Widow’s Mite (1996), A Garden Rises Up (Hope Records, 1997)

Brian Nixon wrote the modern hymn, Gloria Exaltus, with text co-written by Skip Heitzig.[17]


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