Brian Norton (engineer)

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Brian Norton
Born 1955
Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom
Residence Ireland
Nationality United Kingdom
Alma mater University of Nottingham
Cranfield University
Scientific career
Fields Energy Engineering
Solar Energy
Institutions Dublin Institute of Technology
Ulster University
Cranfield University

Brian Norton (born 1955) is a college president and solar energy technologist. President[1][2] of Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), he has been an advocate for diversity of higher education in Ireland.[3][4] He has also been associated with the relocation of DIT from a multiplicity of scattered buildings to a single city centre campus in the Grangegorman neighbourhood of Dublin.[5][6]


In 1989 Norton was appointed by Sir Derek Birley as the first Professor in the field of the Built Environment at the University of Ulster, prior to which he taught at Cranfield University. He is a member of the Royal Irish Academy[7][8] and Fellow of the Irish Academy of Engineering.[9] Norton studied Physics at the University of Nottingham and Engineering at Cranfield University and holds Doctorates from both universities.

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