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Brian Paterson (born 1949) is an illustrator, best known for his work with Foxwood Tales and later Zigby.

Early life[edit]

Brian Paterson was born in Ayrshire in 1949. At the age of 12 his family moved to Somerset. He met a local girl, Cynthia, and they married in 1973. The couple initially moved to London where Brian worked as a designer by day and on developing his own style of illustrating by night. They then moved to Henley-on-Thames where they conceived Foxwood Tales, Cynthia writing and Brian illustrating.[1]

Foxwood Tales[edit]

Their first story was published in 1985, and seven more followed. Since then the series of eight children's books have become modern classics. Over 1.3 million copies have been sold across 18 countries. Titles follow:

  • Robbery at Foxwood (1985)
  • The Foxwood Treasure (1985)
  • The Foxwood Kidnap (1986)
  • The Foxwood Regatta (1986)
  • The Foxwood Surprise (1988)
  • The Foxwood Smugglers (1988)
  • The Secret Valley (1998)
  • The Magic Sleigh (1998)

Academic study[edit]

Alice Martin at the University of Helsinki selected Foxwood Tales along with works by Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson and Ted Hughes for her study of translation norms in practice [2]


nine Zigby books have been published to date:

  • Zigby Camps Out (2002)
  • Zigby Hunts for Treasure (2002)
  • Zigby and the Ant Invaders (2003)
  • Zigby Dives In (2003)
  • Zigby and the Monster (2005)
  • Zigby: The Picnic
  • Zigby: The Birthday Party
  • Zigby: The Go-Kart
  • Zigby: The Toy Box

The character has now been developed for a TV cartoon series.[3]


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