Brian Stowell

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Brian Stowell
Born 6 September 1936 (1936-09-06) (age 80)
Douglas, Isle of Man
Occupation Radio personality, author, Officer of Tynwald

Dr Thomas Brian Stowell BSc (Hons) PhD RBV TH (born 6 September 1936[1]) is a Manx radio personality, linguist, physicist and author. He is also Yn Lhaihder (The reader) to the Parliament of the Isle of Man, Tynwald.[2] He is considered one of the primary people behind the revival of the Manx language. While a student he became fluent in the language, and made tape recordings of its elderly speakers. He became fluent in Irish and used his fluency to translate Irish language courses into Manx use. He has become involved with radio broadcasts for Manx Radio.

In 2008 Stowell was awarded the Manx Heritage Foundation’s Reih Bleeaney Vanannan (Manannan’s Choice of the Year) award for outstanding contributions to Manx culture. On Tynwald Day 2010, he was awarded the Tynwald Honour, the highest honour that Tynwald can award a citizen.[3]

Stowell published Contoyryssyn Ealish ayns Cheer ny Yindyssyn, a Manx translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, in 1990. In March 2006 Stowell's Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley (The Vampire Murders), the first full-length novel in Manx, was published.[4]


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