Brian Tamberlin

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Brian Tamberlin
Nationality Australian
Other names Brian J Tamberlin
Alma mater University of Sydney
Harvard Law School
Occupation Judge; Deputy President, Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Title Honourable

Brian Tamberlin, BA, LLB, LLM,[1] QC[2] is a retired Australian jurist, barrister, law commentator and justice in the Australia's federal court.[3] Tamberlin received both his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney. He later received his LLM in law from Harvard Law School.[1] Tamberlin was called to the New South Wales bar in 1967[1] specializing in town planning law, commercial law and administrative law and equity,[4] and became a Queen's Counsel in 1981.[5] Tamberlin was appointed a federal court justice in 1994.[2] Tamberlin engaged in lecturing initiatives in legal areas such as federal constitutional law, administrative law and intellectual property[5] in several countries such as the United States, Vietnam and Thailand.[1] He traveled to Indonesia in AusAID programs operated by the Law Faculty for Indonesian judges, with professor Philip Lewis Griffiths.[2] Tamberlin has also served as a justice in the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory. Following Tamberlin's retirement from the federal court of Australia in March 2009,[4] he became the Deputy President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, an independent body which reviews the decisions of the Australian Government.[5] On 27 February 2009, A ceremony marking the retirement of Justice Tamberlin from the federal court was held.[6] Recently, Tamberlin headed a royal commission-style inquiry that was investigating the former Labor government's $5.3 billion sale of NSW electricity assets.[7]


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