Brian Thomas (church artist)

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Brian Thomas was a 20th-century artist responsible for several church murals.

List of works[edit]

  • Murals at Tait Chapel, Fulham Palace, London. "Pentecost", "God on High", The Stoning of Stephen", "Crucifixion", "Visit of Jesus by the Wise Men", "Garden of Eden" 1953 [1] [2]
  • "The Last Supper" All Hallows-by-the-Tower, London. [3]
  • "Judgement" and "Scenes from the Life of Christ" at St Mary Islington, London. c.1956
  • Murals at Bangor Cathedral, Wales. "The Risen Christ and Two Disciples Reach Emmaus on Easter Evening" and two others at the west end. [4]
  • "The Virgin Mary and Jesus in a Floral Garden", "Lilies and Roses", "Pièta" at St John the Divine, Kennington, London. 1966.