Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck Tour 2013

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Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck Tour 2013
U.S. tour by Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck
Start date September 24, 2013
End date October 30, 2013
Legs 1
No. of shows 22

The Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck 2013 Tour[1] was a 2013 starring Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck. The shows featured Wilson's former bandmates Al Jardine, David Marks and Blondie Chaplin.[2]


Following The Beach Boys fiftieth anniversary tour, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks decided to tour as a trio. The three played several shows in July 2013.[3] On August 5, it was announced that Jeff Beck would accompany them for a tour in September and October, featuring Blondie Chaplin at select shows.[1][2] The tour would help promote an upcoming Wilson record that featured Beck on several songs.[1] Beck called the tour a dynamic of "classic surfing safari music and this weird stuff that I do," and promised "it will sound like it's all of one accord."[1] Wilson remarked that Beck "brings that great guitar-player kind of thing to the picture."[1]

"For four days," Beck later recalled, "I sat there and didn't even know Brian was in the room. He was so quiet, he never uttered a syllable. And yet they gave me these parts that allegedly he'd written. Then we were offered some shows together: 'Jeff, this is gonna be the tour of the year!' They should've got the bloody record done first, but they got excited and we ended up doing the Jeff Beck-Brian Wilson tour, prematurely."[4]