Brian Winston

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Brian Winston
Born United Kingdom
Occupation Professor, Journalist
Notable credit(s) The Guardian
Religion Judaism[1]

Brian Winston was the first Lincoln Chair of Communications at the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom.[2][3] He was a Pro Vice Chancellor for 2005-2006[4] and the former dean of communications.[5]


Winston is the former head of the faculty of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster.[6] He is a former dean of the College of Communications at Penn State University (State College, PA) and former chair of cinema studies at New York University. He was also the director of the Center for Journalism Studies at the University of Wales College of Cardiff.[7] Winston was also a founder member of the Glasgow Media Group and a co-author of its first two books Bad News(1976) and More Bad News (1980).

He has worked on television current affairs and features and as a print journalist. He is also known for being one of the first to write on the subject of documentary and ethics.

In this Internet Archive video (13.35) from 1983, he analyzes TV network news. His book Media Technology and Society was named the best book of 1998 by the American Association for History and Computing.[8]

Winston has described himself as a British Jew.[1]


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  • Claiming the Real (1995)
  • Technologies of Seeing: Photography, Cinematography and Television (Paper - 1997)
  • Media Technology and Society (Hardcover and Paper - 1998; Kindle - 2007 )
  • Lies, Damn Lies and Documentaries (2001)
  • Messages (Hardcover and Paper- 2005; Kindle-2007)
  • A Right to Offend (Bloomsbury, 2012)