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Created by Michael Cole and Nick Wilson
Starring Brian Cant
Country of origin United Kingdom
Producer(s) Michael Cole, Cynthia Felgate and Nick Wilson
Original network BBC1 (1980 – 1982)
Original release 1 October 1980 – 29 September 1982

Bric-a-Brac is a British children's television series devised by Michael Cole and Nick Wilson, and starring well known children's television presenter Brian Cant. It was produced by the BBC and originally ran from 1 October until 5 November 1980, with another series from 18 August to 29 September 1982. It was repeated frequently until 1989.[1][2][3][4]

The programme was set in a fictitious junk shop, with its shopkeeper played by Cant, who would deliver a monologue to camera. Each episode centred on a particular letter of the alphabet, with different items beginning with that letter found and discussed by the shopkeeper. Cant's script made heavy use of alliteration, and made use of tongue-twisters. At the end of each episode, he would wind up and set off a traditional clockwork toy, upon which the camera would focus whilst the credits rolled.


The programme was presented by Brian Cant throughout its run.

Theme Music[edit]

The theme music is an edited version of the track "Keystone Capers 2" by Eric Peters from the KPM LP Electrosonic (1972).


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