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Brick Brewing Company Limited
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1984
Headquarters Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Products Beer
Owner Publicly Traded on TSX

Brick Brewing Company Limited (TSXBRB) is a brewery based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario with several divisions. Brick is reportedly the largest Canadian-owned brewer in that province.[1]

Brick's most successful brand is the Laker series. Brick also operates the Waterloo Brewing Company, a craft brewing division,[2] and the White Water Brewery, which makes the PC (President's Choice) discount line.[3]

Brick Brewing Company Ltd is a public company with 145 employees (2012) and 30 million CAD market capitalization.[4] Brick reported net revenues of 37 million CAD in fiscal 2015-2016.[5]

The company's administration currently consists of president and CEO George Croft, CFO Sean Byrne, and COO Russell Tabata. Founder Jim Brickman resigned in 2008.[6]

Laker family of brands[edit]

  • Laker Lager
  • Laker Light
  • Laker Ice
  • Laker Red 5.5
  • Laker Strong 6.5
  • Laker Extra Ice 7.5
  • Laker IPA

Other products[edit]

Brick Brewery from across King Street
A bottle of Red Baron Premium Blonde Lager
  • Waterloo Brewing Company craft brews:
    • Waterloo Amber
    • Waterloo Dark
    • Waterloo IPA
    • Waterloo Classic Pilsner[7]
    • seasonal/limited beers: Union Mills Oatmeal Porter; Vanilla Porter[2]
  • PC (President's Choice) discount line[3]
    • PC Black Lager
    • PC Cerveza
    • PC Amber
    • PC Dry
    • PC Genuine Lager
    • and others[8]
  • Red Cap Ale
  • Red Baron Premium Blonde Lager
  • Red Baron Lime
  • Red Baron Light
  • Red Baron Platinum Light
  • Formosa Springs Draft Lager
  • Seagram Wildberry Vodka Cooler
  • Seagram Classic Lemonade Vodka Cooler
  • Seagram Iced Lemon Tea Vodka Cooler
  • Seagram Wildberry malt-based cooler
  • Seagram Wildberry Extra 6.9 malt-based cooler
  • Seagram Classic Lemonade malt-based cooler
  • Seagram Iced Lemon Tea malt-based cooler
  • Seagram 80 Black Cherry vodka cooler
  • Seagram 80 Blood Orange vodka cooler

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