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Brick + Mortar
Background information
Also known as BRMR, Brick+Mortar, Brick and Mortar
Origin Toms River, New Jersey, U.S.
Years active 2008–present
Associated acts Black Rhythm
  • Brandon Asraf
  • John Tacon

Brick + Mortar is an indie rock duo founded in Toms River, New Jersey in March 2008. The duo consists of frontman Brandon Asraf (bass guitar, vocals) and John Tacon (drums, electronic samples, vocals). The two members have garnered a notable amount of regional success since their formation[1] and partnering with independent label Anchor & Hope Music. They were signed to Photo Finish Records / Island Def Jam Records, but are now currently signed to Merovee Records as part of the ADA music group.


Early Years[edit]

Asraf and Tacon began playing music together when they were in middle school, initially beginning as a drum and bass improvisational duo. The two bonded further over their shared interest in the artistry of songwriting.[2][3] They had many attempts at playing music with other people but "it never worked. It always ended up with Brandon [Asraf] and I", according to John Tacon.[4] Their first band together was called Black Rhythm.

The members each took private lessons for their respective instruments at a young age, however, were largely self-taught in their knowledge of theory and performance.[4]

Asbury Park and 7 Years in the Mystic Room[edit]

In 2008, Asraf and Tacon renamed their project Brick + Mortar, and began focusing more heavily on the use of electronic samples in their music as well as relying less on improvisation and more on structured pop songs. With the promising rise of the Asbury Park musical scene, the duo began performing regularly up and down the New Jersey coast and building a reputation as one of the strongest live acts to come out of the state.

Brick + Mortar's consistent performances quickly gained them a strong following as one of the best live bands in the Asbury Park music scene, eventually rewarding them with opening spots for larger national acts such as River City Extension and Jimmy Eat World [5] at such well-known venues as the Starland Ballroom and the Stone Pony.

In 2010, the band released their first studio LP, recorded independently, entitled 7 Years in the Mystic Room.[6] The record garnered a great deal of positive feedback by critics and fans.

The duo's high energy shows, positive local press, and successful first record had not gone unnoticed by music executives. In December 2010, Brick + Mortar were invited to perform at a Sony/Jive Records showcase the performance venue Le Poisson Rouge in New York City.[7] After a sing-off with a heckler in the audience, the duo won an award presented to them by Senior V.P. of the label.[8]

Anchor & Hope Music and CMJ[edit]

After building much of their success independently, Brick + Mortar signed to an independent music label, Anchor & Hope Music (publishing label of acts such as Squeeze, Glenn Tilbrook and River City Extension). This move supported the duo in successfully gaining a performance spot in the "No Pulp Music" showcase in the CMJ Music Marathon.[9]


Brick + Mortar continue to build their fanbase as well as showcase for additional labels. During the later part of 2011, the duo released a number of new singles as well as performance videos after partnering with video artist/media group Humble Humans.[4]They released their first album: 7 Years in the Mystic Room.


In January 2012, Brick + Mortar announced on their Facebook page that they had "officially been invited" to perform at the 2012 South by Southwest Music Conference at the "House of Creatives" showcase.[10]


In 2013, Brick + Mortar announced that they had signed to Photo Finish Records and would release an EP titled Bangs.


In 2014, Brick + Mortar was dropped by their record label, but continued to produce music. They released two singles, "Hollow Tune" and a rerecording of "Move to the Ocean".

Dropped EP[edit]

In 2015, the band released a remixed cover of "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix that was used in the trailer for the movie Hitman: Agent 47. Later that year they released the album Dropped EP and went on a subsequent tour.

Late in the year the single "Train" was used in a trailer for the TV series Elementary.


In 2016, Brick + Mortar announced via Instagram they were working on a new album entitled "Dead Moon" for release in september. The title track first single was released April 22 2016.


On April 6th 2017, Brick + Mortar released a new single entitled "One Little Pill" on YouTube, then on iTunes and Spotify the day after. The song was released in celebration of the band finally receiving ownership of Dropped EP, and with the release of the single they also announced that a remastered version of Dropped EP entitled Dropped Again is on it's way featuring "One Little Pill", as well as one other brand new song.[11]

Musical style[edit]

Brick + Mortar's musical style has been described as indie rock,[12][13] electronic rock,[14] drum and bass,[15] and alternative rock.[16]


Extended plays[edit]

  • 7 Years in the Mystic Room EP (Anchor & Hope Music) (2010)
  • Bangs EP (Photo Finish Records) (2013)
  • Dropped EP (Merovee Records) (2015)


  • "Heatstroke" (A&H) (2011)
  • "Move to the Ocean" (A&H) (2013)
  • "Bangs" (Photo Finish Records) (2013)
  • "Locked in a Cage" (Photo Finish Records) (2014) - #36 Billboard Alternative Songs
  • "Move to the Ocean" - Remaster (Merovee/ADA) (2014)
  • "Hollow Tune" (Merovee/ADA) (2014)
  • "Voodoo Child" (Merovee/ADA) (2015)
  • "Train" (Merovee) (2015)
  • "Dead Moon" (Self-released) (2016)
  • "One Little Pill" (Self-released) (2017)


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