Bridal Veil Falls (Waikato)

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Bridal Veil Falls (Waikato)
Waireinga Falls.jpg
Bridal Veil/Waireinga Falls, as seen from the second lookout.
LocationWaikato, New Zealand
Coordinates37°54′30″S 174°53′47″E / 37.90833°S 174.89639°E / -37.90833; 174.89639
Total height55 metres (180 ft)
WatercoursePakoka River
The Bridal Veil Falls from the bottom

Bridal Veil Falls (Māori Waireinga) is a plunge waterfall located along the Pakoka River in the Waikato area of New Zealand. The waterfall is 55 m (180 ft) high, and has over time caused the formation of a large pool at the base of the waterfall. The falls are in the 217 ha (540 acres)[1] Wairēinga Scenic Reserve (created in 1884)[2] with tawa-dominated forest.[1]


The water cascades over a basalt cliff, formed by volcanic activity,[3] when an Okete Volcanics vent, on the 226 m (741 ft) hill just to the north, erupted about 2 million years ago and blocked the valley.[4]

Access and recreational activities[edit]

Approximately 15 minutes from the nearby town of Raglan, the falls can be found after an easy 10-minute walk[5] through native bush, along the Pakoka River. Facilities include parking, long-drop toilets and four lookout platforms. River crossings are bridged. It is a steep descent to the falls base, not handicap enabled, by 261 steps cut into a well maintained path.[6]

400m beyond Bridal Veil car park, where Kawhia Rd becomes gravel, is the start of the 6 km Pipiwharauroa Way walking and cycling track.

Swimming and rock climbing[edit]

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