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2010 Revised Edition

Bridge Squeezes Complete is a book on contract bridge written by Ann Arbor, Michigan-based mathematics professor Clyde E. Love, originally published in 1959.[1] Written in a "dry, mathematical way",[2] it is still considered one of the most important bridge books ever written[3] and the squeeze vocabulary Love invented[4] remains the basis for all discussions of squeezes.[5]

Reprints of the original text have been published in 1961 by Mayflower (London), in 1968 by Dover (New York) and in 1969 by Constable (London).[2] A revised edition, edited by Linda Lee and Julian Pottage, was published by Master Point Press in 2010.[5]

An interactive software presentation of the original text was developed by Lorne Russell in 2006[6] and translated into French by Theo VanDommelen in 2008.[7]

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