Bridge mix

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Bridge mix
Alternative names Grand Slam mix
Type Confectionery
Main ingredients Nuts, fruits, chocolate
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Bridge mix or Grand Slam mix is a type of snack mix or candy consisting of nuts, fruits, and "cremes" all covered in chocolate. Some common ingredients in bridge mix include peanuts, raisins, macadamia nuts, ju-jubes, malt, fruits, nougat, and licorice.

One of the major US producers of bridge mix is Brach's. Hershey Canada sells it under the name "Bridge Mixture".

Bridge mix may have been named for the card game of bridge, since bridge tournaments are notorious for providing dishes of candy and snacks at the game tables. Alternatively, See's Bridge mix may have begun as rejected candy bits that were pulled from "the bridge", a mechanical conveyor belt.

Hershey Canada's product[edit]

Hershey Canada's Bridge Mixture is sold in yellow boxes of 52 grams, 105 grams and 130 grams, or bags of 290 and 340 grams. The mixture includes candies coated in both milk and dark chocolate. There is no significant marketing of the product, which maintains its somewhat low profile. As of 2009, the packages do not bear the Hershey logo and the product is not mentioned in the Hershey Canada website. The fine print still indicates that the product is "imported by Hershey Canada Inc." Because of its low profile, Bridge Mixture depends greatly on word of mouth marketing.[citation needed] The slogan for the candy is: "A delicious assortment of coated confectionery".

The mixture includes:

Mint, orange, and Irish creme flavored pieces coated in dark chocolate; peanuts, raisins, caramels, and Turkish delight coated in milk chocolate.[1]


The Canadian "Bridge Mixture" trademark is owned by Hershey Canada Inc. It was first registered in 1951, by the Walter M. Lowney Company, and first used in 1935.[2] The Lowney logo remains on the packaging under Hershey's manufacturing.