Bridge of Souls

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Bridge of Souls
McIntosh - Bridge of Souls Coverart.png
Bridge of Souls first edition cover.
Author Fiona McIntosh
Illustrator Bettina Guthridge (map)
Cover artist Les Peterson (main)
Mike Golding (border)
Country Australia
Language English
Series The Quickening
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Voyager Books
Publication date
24 November 2004 [1]
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 528 pp (first edition)
ISBN 0732278686
Preceded by Blood and Memory

Bridge of Souls is the third book in The Quickening written by Fiona McIntosh.

Plot summary[edit]

Wyl Thirsk, former general of the Morgravian army and bearer of the curse known as Myrren's gift, is running out of time. Marriage between his beloved Queen Valentyna and his sworn enemy, the despotic King Celimus, is imminent; yet, despite the impending nuptials, war looms between the two nations, while the threat from the Mountain Kingdom grows stronger. Trapped in a body not his own, with his friends and supporters scattered throughout the realm, Wyl is as desperate to prevent the wedding as he is to end Myrren's "gift"—a magic that will cease only when he assumes the throne of Morgravia.

Clinging to an ominous suggestion from his young friend Fynch, an increasingly powerful mage, Wyl must walk his most dangerous path yet—straight into the brutal clutches of Celimus in a desperate attempt to save his nation, his love, and himself.


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