Bridge of the Twenty-Three Camels

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Bridge of the Twenty-Three Camels is the official name of the highway bridge over the Fraser River at Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada, on BC Highway 99. It replaced the older 1913-vintage Lillooet Suspension Bridge, just upstream, which had no highway designation but connected the town to BC Highway 12, a designation which today only refers to the Lillooet-Lytton highway but, until the extension of the 99 designation from Pemberton, also included the Lillooet-Cache Creek highway.

As something of a joke on this name, the crossing of the Yalakom River at Moha, a small concrete truss span, sports the sign "Bridge of the Twenty-Three Chipmunks".

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Coordinates: 50°41′02″N 121°55′44″W / 50.6838°N 121.9289°W / 50.6838; -121.9289