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Founded 1981
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Area served
Products coffee, tea

Bridgehead is a fair trade coffeehouse chain based in Ottawa, Canada. In addition to coffee and organic teas, it sells soups, salads, sandwiches and snacks made in its own kitchen.[1] In November 2006, Bridgehead was voted Ottawa’s “Best Coffee/Tea House” by readers of lifestyle weekly Ottawa XPress.[2] Bridgehead also sells coffee by mail through its website.


Bridgehead was founded in 1981 in Toronto by two United Church ministers and two lay people. A profile of Bridgehead’s post-Oxfam management in the Ottawa Citizen claimed that Oxfam Canada's Bridgehead ultimately failed in the mid-1990s due in part a “lack of sound business practices."[3] Tracey Clark bought the Bridgehead Trading Company in 2000, including its trademarks and customer lists for $30,000. Clark originally relied on financing from family and friends, but by 2002, Bridgehead was owned by 30 investors.[4] Bridgehead expanded from one outlet in 2000[5] to nine by 2008,[6] and currently operates operates sixteen outlets.[7]

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