Bridgeman Island (South Shetland Islands)

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Bridgeman Island
Location of King George Island in the South Shetland Islands
Bridgeman Island is located in Antarctic Peninsula
Bridgeman Island
Bridgeman Island
Location of Bridgeman Island
Bridgeman Island is located in Antarctica
Bridgeman Island
Bridgeman Island
Location of Bridgeman Island
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 62°04′S 56°44′W / 62.067°S 56.733°W / -62.067; -56.733Coordinates: 62°04′S 56°44′W / 62.067°S 56.733°W / -62.067; -56.733
Archipelago South Shetland Islands
Length 0.8 km (0.5 mi)
Highest elevation 240 m (790 ft)
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System
Population Uninhabited (although there are some weather stations)

Bridgeman Island or Bridgemans's Island or Bridgman Island or Helena Island is one of the South Shetland Islands. It is an almost circular, volcanic island marked by steep sides, 0.8 kilometres (0.5 mi) long and 240 m (787 ft) high, lying 37 kilometres (23 mi) east of King George Island (South Shetland Islands). Bridgeman Island is located at 62°04′S 56°44′W / 62.067°S 56.733°W / -62.067; -56.733 and has an elevation of 240 m (787 ft). Bridgeman Island is an established name dating back to about 1820. Bridgeman Island is the remnants of a much larger volcanic edifice that is now largely submerged. The eroded volcano does not display youthful volcanic features. Several reports of 19th-century fumarolic activity may instead refer to the much younger Penguin Island.

A promontory on Bridgeman Island

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