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There have been two baronetcies created for a person with the surname Bridgeman, both in the Baronetage of England.

The Bridgeman Baronetcy, of Great Lever Park in the County of Lancaster, was created on 7 June 1660 for, Orlando Bridgeman, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. For more information on this creation, see Earl of Bradford.

The Bridgeman Baronetcy, of Ridley in the County of Chester, was created on 12 November 1673 for Orlando Bridgeman, Member of Parliament for Horsham and younger son of the 1st Baronet, of the Great Lever creation. He was succeeded by his son as 2nd Baronet. The latter was Member of Parliament for Calne, Lostwithiel, Blechingley and Dunwich. His only son Francis, the apparent third Baronet died unmarried and childless on sea on the way to the West Indies between November and December 1740, when the baronetcy became legally extinct. Yet the 2nd Baronet had faked his death; his son could not have succeeded him and the Chancery Court in 1739 had granted his property to his creditor, leaving the 3rd Baronet without significant assets.

Bridgeman baronets, of Great Lever (1660)[edit]

Bridgeman baronets, of Ridley (1673)[edit]

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