Bridgeport, Mendocino County, California

Coordinates: 39°03′22″N 123°41′10″W / 39.056°N 123.686°W / 39.056; -123.686
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Former location of Bridgeport/Miller, in relation to neighboring communities such as Greenwood (now Elk), Point Arena and Manchester

Bridgeport is a former logging town on the coast of Mendocino County, California. Its post office was given the name Miller, as there was already a Bridgeport post office in California.[1]

It was described in the early 20th century as having once been "a thriving mercantile and shipping place", with a harbor ultimately considered to be too dangerous for regular use.[2]

The Miller post office was first established in 1873, discontinued in 1880, re-established in 1883, and finally moved to Elk in 1908.[3]

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39°03′22″N 123°41′10″W / 39.056°N 123.686°W / 39.056; -123.686