Bridgeport Harbor

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Bridgeport Harbor
CountryUnited States
LocationBridgeport, Connecticut
Coordinates41°09′24″N 73°10′48″W / 41.15667°N 73.18000°W / 41.15667; -73.18000Coordinates: 41°09′24″N 73°10′48″W / 41.15667°N 73.18000°W / 41.15667; -73.18000
Type of harborrecreational and commercial

Bridgeport Harbor is an inlet on the north side of Long Island Sound in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was carved by the retreat of the glaciers during the last ice age approximately 13,000 years ago.

Bridgeport Harbor is a federal shipping port and a terminus of the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company, one of the oldest ferry companies in the nation. It is due east of the smaller Black Rock Harbor which is also in the city of Bridgeport.


Bridgeport's Success Lake (Connecticut) and Stilman Pond both egress via the Yellow Mill Channel and into the tidal marsh at the top of the harbor.[1] The Pequonnock River empties into the inlet on its north end while the Tongue Point Light is at the western end of the mouth of the harbor.

Notable structures in or near the harbor[edit]

The generation station as seen from the harbor


Originally used for shipbuilding, it now operates mainly as a shipping port. The harbor was dredged by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1964. Current plans to dredge it again have met with opposition from residents of New Haven due to plans to dump the dredged material at Morris Cove.[4]

A 4000-ton dry dock was opened in 2010.[5]


The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry is berthed in the harbor. The harbor is located at the end of 8/25 connector, where it merges into Interstate 95, near the Bridgeport (Metro-North station), a stop for Amtrak, Metro-North and Shoreline East trains.

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