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This article is about the rapid transit station in Richmond, British Columbia. For the station in Connecticut, see Bridgeport (Metro-North station).
SkyTrain station
Bridgeport Stn.jpg
Location 2211 Great Canadian Way, Richmond, BC
Coordinates 49°11′44″N 123°7′34″W / 49.19556°N 123.12611°W / 49.19556; -123.12611Coordinates: 49°11′44″N 123°7′34″W / 49.19556°N 123.12611°W / 49.19556; -123.12611
Owned by Vancouver International Airport, TransLink, Great Canadian Gaming (park and ride)
Platforms Centre platform
Tracks 2
Structure type Elevated
Parking 580 space park and ride
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code BR
Fare zone 2
Opened August 17, 2009
Passengers (2011[1]) 17,359
Preceding station   TransLink   Following station
Canada Line
toward Waterfront
Canada Line

Bridgeport is a SkyTrain station on the Canada Line in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, south of Vancouver.


Bridgeport station is located near the intersection of River Road and Great Canadian Way—north of Bridgeport Road and in the same general area as the River Rock Casino—and is the northernmost SkyTrain station in Richmond. The Canada Line's Operations and Maintenance Centre is located northeast of the station. There is a large park-and-ride facility adjacent to the station. The City of Richmond anticipates that the area surrounding this station will be heavily redeveloped, and proposals include the building of office suites and hotels.

Station information[edit]

Station layout[edit]

T Inbound  Canada Line towards Waterfront (Marine Drive)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Outbound  Canada Line towards Richmond–Brighouse (Aberdeen) and YVR–Airport (Templeton)
C Concourse Connections to River Rock Casino Resort and Park and Ride Facility
Ticket vending machines, fare gates
S Street Street entrance


The Canada Line splits just southwest of Bridgeport station, with the main line continuing southward through Richmond to its terminus at Richmond–Brighouse station. A branch line heads westward across Sea Island to YVR–Airport station at the Vancouver International Airport. Passengers traveling between Richmond and Sea Island must transfer at Bridgeport to complete their journey. The station also serves as the inbound terminus for express buses from Delta and White Rock heading towards Vancouver; in the past, these buses continued to Downtown Vancouver.

Bus bay assignments:[2]

Bay Routes
1 Unloading Only
2 Unloading Only
  • 620 Tsawwassen Ferry
  • N10 Richmond–Brighouse Station
  • 480 UBC
  • N10 Downtown
  • 407 Bridgeport
  • 430 Metrotown Station
  • 602 Tsawwassen Heights
  • 603 Beach Grove
  • 604 English Bluff
  • 311 Scottsdale
  • 601 South Delta
8 351 Crescent Beach
  • 352 Ocean Park
  • 354 White Rock South
  • 407 Gilbert
  • 430 Richmond–Brighouse Station
11 403 Three Road
12 Unloading Only



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