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Bridget Gainer

Bridget Gainer is a politician, serving since the April 2009. The district includes many of Chicago’s north side neighborhoods. She is a member of the Democratic Party.


Gainer received a bachelor's degree in Political Science and English from the University of Illinois and a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. She is a Board member of Women Employed, The Center for Economic Progress and St. Gregory's High School. In addition to her work for the county, Bridget Gainer is head lobbyist for Aon, a London-based insurance brokerage formerly based in Chicago.

Political career[edit]

Gainer began her political career working as a budget analyst in Chicago's City Hall under Chicago's longest-serving Mayor, Richard M. Daley. She then went on to work for the Park District as the Director of the Lakefront Parks. For the last decade Gainer has been with Aon, a Chicago-based insurance broker, where she leads the firm's engagement with local and federal legislators.


Gainer was initially appointed to the seat in April 2009 to replace former commissioner Mike Quigley, who won the special election to fill former Congressman Rahm Emanuel's seat when Emanuel left Congress to become President Obama's Chief of Staff. Gainer's rise to this position, though outside the norms of Democracy, has been lauded as good for the county and the Commissioner.[1] In 2010, Gainer, a Democrat, defeated her Republican opponent in the November 2010 election and won a four-year term.

Her work since she was appointed in 2009 includes:

  • voting to repeal a portion of the Cook County Sales Tax, which will stem the tide of shoppers and businesses leaving the County and force County government to run more efficiently and effectively.
  • creating an independent bureau within the State's Attorney office to allow County litigation to be handled by State's attorneys rather than outside private counsel, saving the county millions of dollars each year.
  • working to reform the county lobbying ordinance requiring full transparency in the contracting process [2]
    • Gainer unregistered herself as Aon's lobbyist that same year, however, the Commissioner continues to meet with policymakers in her capacity as Aon's chief lobbyist [3]
  • voting against video gaming in bars, after taking thousands of dollars from casino interests and owners [4]

Personal life[edit]

Bridget Gainer is married to former State-Senate candidate Dennis Kibby and has three children. Her family has a long history with the city of Chicago and is closely aligned to the Daley family.

Her work with Aon includes meeting with legislators, advocating for the firm's interests, and branding the firm with relevant decision makers. She has repeatedly denied seeking the office of mayor. Gainer is well-known in the Chicago business community for her ability to connect business and political leaders.


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