Bridget Terry Long

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Bridget Terry Long
Born July 18, 1973
Baltimore, MA
Nationality USA
Citizenship USA
Alma mater Princeton University, Harvard University
Scientific career
Fields Economics
Institutions Harvard Graduate School of Education
Doctoral advisor Caroline M. Hoxby, Lawrence F. Katz, and Claudia Goldin

Bridget Terry Long is the 12th Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Saris Professor of Education and Economics. She is also a National Bureau of Economic Research Faculty Research Associate,[1] and the former chair of the National Board of Education Sciences.[2] On May 2nd, Long was named the next dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, succeeding James E. Ryan.[3]

Her research focuses on the economics of education, particularly the transition from high school to college.[4] Her work examines the factors that influence students' choices, the impact of financial aid programs, and the role of various factors in affecting student outcomes.[5][6][7]

Selected works[edit]


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