Bridgeton Central railway station

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Bridgeton Central
Bridgeton Central Station, entrance - - 1900782.jpg
Place Bridgeton
Area Glasgow
Coordinates 55°50′59″N 4°13′40″W / 55.8497°N 4.2277°W / 55.8497; -4.2277Coordinates: 55°50′59″N 4°13′40″W / 55.8497°N 4.2277°W / 55.8497; -4.2277
Original company Glasgow City and District Railway
Pre-grouping North British Railway
Platforms 4
1 June 1892 Opened as Bridgeton Cross[1]
January 1954 Renamed as Bridgeton Central[1][2]
14 June 1965 Renamed as Bridgeton[2]
5 November 1979 Closed
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Bridgeton Central railway station was located in Glasgow, Scotland and served the Bridgeton area of that city. On the Glasgow City and District Railway it was located on the modern North Clyde line on a branch from High Street and acted as a terminus for services from the north west of the city.

Though electrified in 1960 as part of the Glasgow North Bank suburban electrification scheme, it was closed to passenger in November 1979 when the Argyle Line reopened (the recommissioned station on this route at Bridgeton effectively replaced it). It was then used as a maintenance depot for the Class 303 and Class 311 fleet until final closure in June 1987.[3] The tracks were subsequently lifted and platforms demolished. The station building, now in commercial and residential use, is protected as a category B listed building.[4]

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Terminus   Glasgow City and District Railway
North British Railway
  Gallowgate Central
Line and Station closed



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