Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry

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Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry (Russian: Мост между Восточной и Западной психиатрией) is a non-profit association of professional practitioners and scholars in psychiatry and related professions. It is also the name of the association's journal. According to their journal, the aim of both the association and the journal is to promote scholarly research and collaboration between Western and Eastern European psychiatrists.[1]

The association was established in 2002 by Maria Luisa Figueira and Mario Di Fiorino and is based in Italy. The first issue of Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry was published in 2003 with an issue devoted to dissociation and dissociative phenomena. The journal, whose editors-in-chief are Figuerira and Di Fiornino, is published annually in two volumes, one in English and one in Russian.

The association also organizes conferences, symposia, and workshops in both Western and Eastern European countries


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