Bridgwater North railway station

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Bridgwater North
Bridgwater north rail station 1901326 6d013cbf.jpg
The station in 1963
Place Bridgwater
Area Sedgemoor
Coordinates 51°07′57″N 2°59′45″W / 51.1326°N 2.9959°W / 51.1326; -2.9959Coordinates: 51°07′57″N 2°59′45″W / 51.1326°N 2.9959°W / 51.1326; -2.9959
Grid reference ST304374
Original company Bridgwater Railway
Pre-grouping Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway
Post-grouping Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway
Platforms 2
21 July 1890 (1890-07-21) Opened as Bridgwater
26 September 1949 Renamed Bridgwater North
1 December 1952 (1952-12-01) Closed
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Bridgwater North railway station was the terminus of the Bridgwater branch of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway. Opened as part of the Bridgwater Railway on 21 July 1890, it was named Bridgwater, and renamed Bridgwater North in 1949 when it came under British Railways ownership, to avoid confusion with the larger Great Western Railway (GWR) station in the town. The station consisted of an island platform with a canopy, goods yard and a connection to riverside wharves.

The passenger station closed when the branch service was withdrawn on 1 December 1952, although access to the wharves was maintained, via the GWR, for goods until 1967. Bridgwater railway station remains open on the Bristol to Taunton Line.

The site is now occupied by a Sainsburys supermarket and an adjacent large retail park.[1]

Railways in the Bridgwater area
Bristol to Exeter Line
to Highbridge
UK road A38.PNG to Highbridge
River Parrett
ROF Bridgwater
Dunballdown line
Cement & Lime works
Dunball Wharf sidings
King's Sedgemoor Drain
Dunballup line
S&DJR Bridgwater branch
to Edington
British Cellophane
Bridgwater Spinx Cement Works
S&DJR wharf sidings
& goods
Bridgwater Goods(GWR)
Taunton and Bridgwater Canal
Carriage works
UK road A38.PNG to Taunton
Somerset Bridge
over River Parrett
Bristol to Exeter Line
to Taunton

1. Bridgwater Docks
2. "Telescopic” bridge
3. Clink Yard
4. Bridgwater Cement, Lime, Brick & Tile Works
5. 1954 connection
6. Church Street


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