Bridlewood Mall

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Coordinates: 43°47′54″N 79°19′06″W / 43.79833°N 79.31833°W / 43.79833; -79.31833

Bridlewood Mall
Bridlewood mall.png
Location 2900 Warden Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M1W 2S8
Opening date 1975
Total retail floor area 35,060 m2 (377,400 sq ft)
No. of floors 2

Bridlewood Mall is a district shopping centre located in the L'Amoreaux neighbourhood in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1] It is the retail core of the Bridlewood neighbourhood. Its anchors include Shoppers Drug Mart, Dollarama, Metro, and Stitches.


Bridlewood Mall was built in 1975 and redeveloped in 1998/1999. The mall began with four big-box store anchors: Towers,[2] Kmart, Food City, and A&P Canada. The Towers chain was bought by Zellers in 1990 and the store was closed in 1991. Metro Inc. bought A&P Canada in December 2008, and the A&P store was converted into a Metro store. Zellers went into liquidation on December 26, 2012 and it closed on March 2013. A Target store was supposed to open at the location where the former Zellers store used to be (this space is diminutive and it was said that it would get expanded in size) but all construction activity was abolished due to Target's departure from Canada in April 2015. The space has become a discount clothing outlet.

Interior of the mall
Toronto Public Library's Bridlewood Branch

Retail mix[edit]

The mall is a mix of small independent businesses, chain stores, a public library, a factory outlet and three grocery stores. The mall has a number of fast food chain locations.[3]


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